Friday, January 30, 2009

Who WIll WIn?

Dear Gabby,

You seem to know alot about very many different subjects, and I value your wisdom.

I have a large sum of money resting on this SUper Bowl game on Sunday, and I thought before I make it Official,I would ask your opinion.

Who do you think will win the SUper Bowl game on Sunday and why?


A gambling Football Fan in Vegas

Dear Gambling Fan,

First of all, I am not promoting gambling as It has been known to cause many problems in families and then counseling is needed and I'm already overloaded with patients, so I don't need the extra work. Really.

But I do believe that the team that will win this year's Super Bowl will be....

The team that scores the most points before the final clock runs out!


Because that is the rule.

I hope this helped.


Ivanka said...

Dear Gabby,
You are so smart!

How do you know so much about so many different subjects?

Gabby said...

I finally mastered the art of cutting and pasting!

You'd be surprised how smart you will instantly become!

Helen said...

I am with you. No gambling. Only bet on a sure thing! Okay, I didn't mean that. No gambling unless you can afford to lose...

And in this econony, that means maybe Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Unless they both pick the same team.

Helen said...
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mberenis said...

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Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Dear Gabby,

I'm a struggling blogger who just wants to achieve the dream of every blogger: a spam comment.

How DO you do it?

Annie K said...

Sherri, I don't care who wins. I just go to the party for the food. That's just how I roll. Here's that amazing Potato Skins A La Velveeta recipe that I know will be rockin' your Super Bowl party this Sunday. It's just dripping Velveeta....Holy mackerel.

Annie K said...

Dear Gabby,

I just called you Sherri. I guess it doesn't matter since she hangs out here anyway. And just so you know, Sherri has ties to the mob. They've been known to place illegal bets. You should be careful who you hang out with if you like your knees where they are. I'm just sayin'.


Annie The Hun

ps, if you need to know about the 'Hun' reference, ask Helen.

Gabby said...

Steph, just get your name out there-Spam will find you!
DOn't give up!

Spam is closer than you think!

Just look up!

Gabby said...

Dear AnnieK,

People call me Sherri alot. I'm not quite certain as to why.?

I don't mind as I find her delightful, and full of wisdom.

I did NOT realize she has mob ties.

I knew she was Italian, and most Italians are in the mob, or married to the mob,(or at least it's that way in the movies), so my advice to all who come in contact with her is to be VERY nice. DOn't ruffle her feathers, don't ever owe her any favors (or money)and never make fun of her typos.
Some mobsters have offed people for much less.

Thanks for the heads up, and yes, I like my knees where they are.

Thank you VERY much.