Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IS Scribbling out the blessed Baby Jesus' face in the Bible the unpardonable sin?

Dear Gabby,

I just read something HERE that really disturbed me, I would like for you to answer my nagging question.

IS scribbling out the blessed Baby Jesus' face in the Bible the unpardonable sin?


A scared follower of a heathen blogger

Dear scared Follower,


This woman is WACK!

I'm no theologian, but common sense says she's getting ready to get a "jolt" so you don't want to be anywhere near!

Warn the others before it's too late.

Thank you for your concern.

I hope it's not too late for her...I hope she can still be reached. ( But not by me. I want nothing to do with the "lady").

Hopefully, a blog missionary will cross her path.



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dear Gabby,

I have a friend who recently left a store without paying for a shirt she had dangling off her arm because she says "she forgot" it was there. She only remembered it was there when something snagged the shirt which caused her to look down and see it. However, at this point she was several stores away.

She did return to the first store to pay for it.

Then just a few stores away, while paying for some jewelry, she notices a LARGE PAIR OF GOLD PLATFORM SHOES resting on the same sticky arm!

She runs down to another store to pay for those shoes!

She's blaming the mental lapse on menopause or stress.

What do you think?


Friend of Sticky Fingers


Dear, Friend of Sticky Fingers,

I can only imagine the uncomfortable position you were placed in while "shopping" with this kleptomaniac..

Twice? You gotta' be kiddin' me!

She needs help IMMEDIATELY.

She needs to take some medication (by TAKE, I mean, get a prescription a PAY for it BEFORE leaving the pharmacy)for either early onset Alzheimer's, hormone replacement therapy or stress.

Only a medical doctor can make the final diagnosis.

(My license is fake, so they won't allow me to write cyber prescriptions but I do sometimes give my patients sugar pills.)

In the meantime, encourage her to shop from home and you might want to recommend a good lawyer in case of a relapse.