Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Don't I just look like the wisest ole' woman you've ever met?

Welcome to Day two of "Dear Gabby,".

I would advise each of my new readers to check out yesterday's post and read the advice/comments closely so you'll know what you are getting yourself into before you pose a question.

Although you may ask any question of me, I will try to give a catagory of the day for your questions to revolve around.

As always, feel free to add to the advice I offer to those who comment/leave a question, but you MUST leave your name if you offer advice.

Anyone seeking my great wisdom, may sign in anonymously if you wish.

*Disclaimer: Dear Gabby will not be held responsible for any failed marriages, relationships or any other mishaps due to any advice given on this site!



Having problems with the bad hair day that's hung around for like a decade now?
Need a tip on applying your makeup while driving?
Need to learn how to walk in stilletos so people will look up to you?

Any beauty questions you may have, I will try to answer them for you.

(Be patient now, it's Monday, I will have to work, so questions will be answered before and after work and on my lunch hour. You will, however, always receive an answer within 24 hours!)

I'm here for you.

Pick my brain.


sherri said...


Dear Gabby,

Is beauty only skin deep?

Gabby said...

Dear Sherri,

Excellent question!

Science graphically depicts any thing under our many layers of skin as NOT so very beautiful, so my knee jerk answer would be a resounding , "YOU BETCHA"! (Thank you Sarah Palin).

But if you are seeking a deeper wisdom, which I sense that you are,(You sound as though you are very deep and introspective) I would have to say that
Sadly, we will come across many people who have beauty on the outside, but that's about as deep as their beauty goes.

All of the beauty tips, creams and makeovers will not cover up UGLY that is oozing out through the pours of their soul!

Here's hoping you'll be working on those underneath layers that aren't instantly seen by others but leave a much more lasting impression on those you come in contact with.


Helen said...

Dear Gabby,
I have this friend who seems to be talking to herself on the internet using two different names. I am worried about her. Do you have any suggestions about how I can help her?

wv witingen-how I answer people when they ask questions I don't know how to answer. I tell them witingen about it.

Gabby said...

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your concern about your friend.

Although most people talk to themselves in private, only a true free spirit who is practicing transparancy before God and man, can do so in a public forum.

If she is using an assumed name in the "conversation", that would be strictly for the benefit of the reader.

Also, each of carries with us the alter-ego that can be very helpful in bringing to the light things about ourselves that we would have a problem articulating.

Don't worry about your friend.
Sounds to me like she is a WONDERFUL , well-balanced person.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gabby,

What tips will you share with me on driving while applying makeup?

A state trooper from So. Illinois

Gabby said...

Dear Officer,

First let me say how I admire a person in your position, upholding the law, fighting crime, dealing with horrible criminals, putting yourself in harm's way, day after day.

I was only joking about giving my tips on applying make-up while driving. I would never do that.

You must have me confused with someone else.

I think you're looking for Sherri at Matter of fact. She even wrote a post about it! (Stupid girl).

Read her new year's eve post on "Just Don't DO It!".

I would have made a citizen's arrest myself, but she was hard to track down.

With much admiration,


Beth said...

No questions here yet. Just lots and lots of laughter.
But I'm sure I'll come up with some later. :)

Gabby said...

Beth, so glad to have you visit.
Surely, you'll think of something!


Anonymous said...


Do you really think high heels are necessary in order for people to look up to you?

I'm not a fan of heels.

Gabby said...


Your comment sounds familiar...I think I know you from somewhere.

Do I think heels are necessary?

Only if you're 5"2 or under and forced to be in a crowd of people who tower over you and confuse their tall stature with power and importance.

Obviously, I think short people are of the most BRILLIANT and beautiful things in all creation .

I also believes that scripture proves that short people are closer to God.

"And LO, I am with you always!"

Nuff said.

Your welcome.


Annie K said...

Uh...Gabby...even with your heels I'll still look down at you. I'm just sayin'.

wv (not vw): lardlan

...I'm not even going there...