Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not a Fat Boy Lover

Dear Gabby,

A friend has a husband who is old and doesn't have much money but has found a Harley Davidson Motorcycle (a "Fat Boy") that he has dreamed of owning all of his life.

He wants to purchase it, as he thinks it's a great bargain, but is coming to his wife (a WONDERFUL lady, I might add) not for her approval, but for her blessing before he purchases it.

She will not say NO, as that is not her place, but she can't give her blessing due to the financial strains it will place on their budget and also the dangerous aspects of an old man driving the bike of his dreams.

Can you help me, I mean her?

Not a Fat Boy Lover

Dear Not a Fat Boy Lover,

You sound as though you are a very wise wife, I mean "friend", and are somewhat sensitive to your husband's, I mean friend's husbands dreams.

You make a couple of very good points though.

Would part of his dream include being late on payments and ruining your credit during these very difficult times our country is experiencing right now?

Would a part of his dream be spending time in the hospital repairing body parts that crazy drivers have damaged when they claim "he came out of no where!" ?

I would suggest that before your husband, I mean friend purchases it, he would write down a financial plan specifying the details of how he will pay for it, and what his second job will be if the economy stays the way it is, and times get even harder on everyone.

Oh, and make sure to "up" his insurance...medical and life BEFORE he purchases the motorcycle.

*You may benefit from a dear friend's post, "A Grown Boy and a Fat Boy" on A Matter of Fact blog site (you make click on this site on my side bar).

Funny, you sound very familiar....


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....Gabby YOU'RE the one who sounds familiar....

KC said...

this is pretty much wonderful
stuff like this makes my life
it kind of reminds me of the Dear Miriam on failblog except it's not failtacular.

Glad we're friends :D
and yeah, Blue Like Jazz is pretty much the best thing ever.

wv: conalm
What traffic cones do to pesky groups of teenagers. Their attack is often called "cone" or "coning".
If some kids start messing with the cones and tipping them over, the cone says, "Boy, I oughta conalm" It's 3 syllables.

Cheryl said...

you are funny!

sherri said...

I'm glad you're enjoying my silly advice. Feel free to leave any question as I will always try to get back with an answer within 24 hours (maybe not the correct answer, or the best answer, but always an answer!)


Anita J. said...

LOL That was fantastic. Brilliant advice. BRILLIANT, I tell you. I especially like the detailed financial plan and second job part.

Gabby said...

Thank you ANita J.

My wisdom comes from many years of studying,researching and watching lots of reality TV.