Sunday, February 15, 2009

What is the best form of discipline?

Dear Gabby,

What do you think is the best form of discipline for a child who continually misbehaves?

I have tried everything!

I am desperate for answers.

Please help.

Desperate in Nantucket

Dear Desperate,

Depending on the severity of the "offense" of course, I would first suggest a verbal warning.

If that doesn't work, remind them of the verbal warning and then introduce them to the punishment.(i.e."Time Out Corner")

If that doesn't work, enforce the punishment.

I would suggest checking out a brilliant post written by someone who had to deal with some "undesirable behavior". It seemed to work. At least temporarily.

Good luck.



Annie K said...

I've heard that duct tape works. Not that I've ever used that method. I'm just sayin'.

Gabby said...

Annie K,
Duct tape is BRILLIANT! Especially a piece just big enough to cover the mouth.

It's not permanent, it would temporarily stop bad behavior if the undesired behavior was coming from an unruly tongue.

I think I'll go purchase some to have on hand.

Thanks for your added advice.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Dear Gabby,

But what if your child is a little, um, contrary? Won't she (or he- I'm not talking about anybody specific!) take threats of time-out as a challenge to act out even more?

Ahem, *cough*gerbil*cough...

Just askin.

wv: pyingint
Rufus! Would you quite pyingint to the fountain! I'ma gonna put you in time out!

Annie K said...

Steph, my sister-in-law, the one with 12 kids, rocks the wooden spoon. Yes, I know it's not 'politically correct' anymore, but you could have all 12 of those kids sitting at a table in a 5-star restaurant and they are the most well-behaved kids. It's never out of anger, always in love and from my experince of working in the high school...there are more kids that could use some tough wooden spoon luuuhv..!!

And, I don't think 'gerbils' are the answer. I mean, Richard wants to 'hug the terrorists' for pete's sake. HA! I crack myself up!

Sherri, we discussed the whole gerbil thing yesterday, but I just don't know that you're gonna live this one down.

Gabby said...

Dear Steph,

You raise a very good point.

As you may or may not know, I worked with children with behavior disorders for 6 years in a public school setting.

I have found similar disturbing patterns of behavior problems among some commenters who shall remain nameless.

Take the commenter on the blog site I linked to earlier.

He/She clearly has an issue with self control, but once the form of punishment was introduced, it did curtail some of the behavior. Of course, onece placed in the TIME OUT CORNER in the aforementioned site, he/she simply tried to reenter under an assumed (animal) name. (Classic BD symptom)

When this type of behavior persists, local law enforcemnt agencies may need to intervene.

I've seen this "type" before and sadly, there may not be much hope, however, I choose to see the good in everyone.

He/she does have a pretty good sense of humor and unless they become violent with themselves or others, I say we just shower katdish, I mean HIM/HER with love.

ALthough he/she may not know it....she needs us.

Let's pray.

Thank you for your concern,


gabby said...


Brilliant idea!

I would be happy to spoon slap an unruly commenter!

Would any old wooden spoon do, or is there a particular brand I could use?

Annie K said...

A nice hard brand. And thick should do the trick.

gabby said...

Annie, thanks so much for all your help.

Ghandi said...

Violence? I prefer peaceable demonstrations...

MLK said...

I agree with Ghandhi.

sherri said...


I am HONORED with you presence here!

How did you...well never mind.

Thank you for your comment.

I will try not to use violence.

Especially since another commenter agrees with you. (as well as Millions of others).

I didn't realize they had computers where you are!

gabby said...

Forgive me for spelling your name wrong, kind sir!