Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Ive been spending much too much time on the computer lately, and it's creating a problem...

Dear Gabby,

I've been spending much too much time on the computer lately and it's creating a problem...okay, MANY problems.

Although I love the blogging world, time spent writing for my own blog, commenting to my readers, checking out their sites & commenting there, checking out new sites & commenting there has me on the computer instead of taking care of business in my real world!

I have been avoiding housework, hardly cooking, not spending enough time with wonderful hubby and hardly even venturing outside to be with other people that I love.

Would you call this an addiction?

I need your help.


Glued to the screen

Dear Glued,

Because I am a fictional character created in the brilliant mind of a blog addict, I'm afraid to delve too deeply here in fear of getting the ax, however, I took this Hippocratic oath when I received my imaginary license to practice counseling online, and being the responsible imaginary person that I am, I do feel that I must at least lightly address the issue.

As with any hobby, it can easily become addictive in nature.

People golf for hours on end and spend a great deal of money to be able to do this.
Some ladies find that shopping is great stress relief and will obsessively make purchases with no regard to their budgets.

I find that although blogging is a great thing, it can also wind up costing you more than you bargained for.

Besides the obvious (carpal tunnel), it is never a good idea to isolate your self from the out side world, or those living within your own home. Neglecting household responsibilities could end up with you being the recipient of a visit from your local health department.

I've heard tale of people leaving Christmas trees up well into the month of January, burning supper (IF they actually remembered to MAKE supper), pretending to listen to their spouse share his deepest secrets while eyes were glancing at the inbox of the email.

You know it's a problem if, while sitting in your church service under FANTASTIC teaching, you find your self taking notes....for a new post idea!
(I've only HEARD of these things happening...not that I know of any one person who has been guilty of any of these things!)

If you fall into any of these categories, I would suggest taking a breather.

Limit yourself to blogging time only when no humans are in your presence, or for allotted times only, if you're never alone. (One hour human time, 30 minutes computer time- for starters.)
DO NOT CHECK EMAILS and text or twitter people when others are talking to you in person. IT IS RUDE!

It's never a good idea to trade relationships with those you love for ANY obsession-life is too short and it will leave you with regrets.

Ask those around you, what they think.

I would also love to hear from bloggers, how they manage their computer relationships with their peeps sharing their home with them.


Helen said...

Dear Sherri,
I get anxious to check comments and email and whatnot, too. There are two things I need to remember.
1) Those comments and emails will still be there. They aren't going anywhere.
2) Their is a little email followup comments box I can check so that new comments come to my mailbox. I only discovered it recently. Shame on me. I used to be clicking all over your sites over and over to see new comments.

You know, I was thinking (and yes, it hurt). I think sometimes we get excited to see that one of us is on line at the same time, and we start going back and forth. Not a bad thing. But maybe we could all make a date once or twice a week to be online at the same time for an hour instead. It is just a thought. Let's see what the others think.

gabby said...

Good idea Helen.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I'm getting less and less into "comments as crack" simply because I don't have the time to comment on everyone's blog. I think checking Google reader a couple times a day and commenting when you feel compelled is fine. And I'm with Helen on the emails, except if I haven't read the post yet, it can be confusing to read comments that way. And you both know I confuse easily.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Good advice, Sherri! This is a problem, and one that needs to be addressed.

Debbie said...

As a new blogger I LOVED this post. I am a single woman. So when the kids are in bed I am not neglecting a person..BUT I am putting of housework sometimes! More then anything I wonder how people keep up with new posts from others! I loved to read what others write and comment where I can, but it can become a full time occupation!:)

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Yeah, I find I can easily become obsessive about email, blog, etc. But I feel so much better when I make myself walk away for a day!

Young said...

I have the same problem and I decided to have one day in a week for blogging, one day for checking emails and replying to them, a day or 2 for researching or doing assignments and a day for enjoying TV.

So far it's working. I need to follow my schedule because my relatives are complaining that I'm not doing anything.

I love your answer, though.

Gabby said...

I'm happy to here your views and tips. Keep 'em coming!

lizspin said...

Love this!

I wake up in the middle of the night. . . trying to restrain myself from checking for new comments. . . .

Am I addicted????

p.s. I'm going to hit that "follower" button now. . .

lizspin said...

Love this!

I wake up in the middle of the night. . . trying to restrain myself from checking for new comments. . . .

Am I addicted????

p.s. I'm going to hit that "follower" button now. . .

Gabby said...

Dear lizpin,

I hate to be the one to tell you this but, yes, I believe you're addicted.

You've come to the right place though. You are surrounded by fellow blog addicts.

You are very close to the first step in our 3 step program .

The first being admitting you have a problem.

The second, is TRYING to do something, ANYTHING to shave a few hours off your computer time.

The third being continuing to frequent THIS SITE for support.

Welcome to yet another addictive blog site.

Glad to have you on board!


Billy Coffey said...

This happened to me a while back, and I ended up disabling the comments option on my blog for a week or so just to get my head screwed back on straight.

Like most everything, spending too much time on the computer is an easy trap to fall into. Especially, I found, in the winter when it's just too cold to do anything else. Vigilance is key. So is a wife to hold you accountable!