Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I need valentine gift ideas!

Dear Gabby,

I have a wonderful wife who is deserving of SO much. Much more than I can afford.

SO I thought that rather than spend money on a gift that is NOT going to last and wouldn't show my true affection for her, I thought that buying US a Harley to enjoy together would truly show her how I felt (even though she doesn't want us to have one).

We could take romantic rides together. Shop for leather duds together. Shine and clean on it obsessively together. Listen to "BORN TO BE WILD" together.

I value your opinion. What do you think?

Love Struck

Dear Love Struck?

Just who or WHAT do you really love here?

And I think you're right.
The gift of a Harley on Valentine's Day to a wife that doesn't want one would truly be showing her how you feel.

A few feelings/words that came to my mind were: Selfish. Ignorant. Out of touch.

I'd be careful here. She sounds like a fantastic woman and you wouldn't want to mess things up.

My gift ideas?
Chocolate. A gift certificate for a massage. A nice candlelit dinner. A weekend at a bed and breakfast. A new outfit and a large diamond. THEN ask if she wants a Harley.


Cheryl said...

"then ask if she wants a Harley" bwah-ha-ha.. now that was funny.

gabby said...

Cheryl- I'm glad you see the humor in it!

Annie K said...

Dear Gabby,

Duh. Everyone knows that if Love Struck lets her husband buy a Harley he owes her for life.

For instance: I let my husband buy a motorcycle and I bought him a 69 Camaro for his 40th birthday all in the same year. For the rest of my life he will NEVER question my purchase of clothing or another pair of shoes. EVER.

Love struck, let him get the Harley. It's good for the sex life...from what I hear anyway.

gabby said...

Annie K,

You DO have a good point....

Helen said...

Annie makes some good points about the Harley...if they can afford it.
And not for Valentine's Day. That day should be a really nice dinner, some small thing she wants but wouldn't buy herself, and a note describing a significant moment in your lives in detail (make up the details if you can't remember. Unless you claim she wore red and green at your wedding, it is likely she won't remember either).

Cupid said...

Dear Love Struck,

If you do indeed buy the Harley for Valentine's Day, I suggest getting a garage with a good cot to go with it, because you may find yourself sleeping there for quite awhile.

Dear Gabby,

You have a very interesting way of hinting at what you'd like for Valentine's Day.

Dear Annie and Helen,


gabby said...

Dear Cupid- That was not "hinting" about what I wanted for Valentine's Day, that is called LISTING what I want!

ANd Love Struck has no need to sleep in the garage, only if he can't make the payments and they lose their home!

And Helen, you make some wise points yourself!

Marlayne said...
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sherri said...

Thank you

Marlayne S. Pam

Can I just call you Spam?

Spam said...

Why is everybody hating on me? It is not my fault some people send uninvited emails, or they don't give a real blogger URL...

sherri said...

There, there, miss spam.

We all judge you because of your annoying crashing of our parties!
How about trying to send a REAl email or comment with a REAL blogger address ASKING if it is Okay to highlight your goods and services.

You might be surprised at the response.

Hey, by the way. Do you know of anyone selling miracle necklaces?

Yummy said...
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gabby said...

Sorry- REAL SPAM messages will be deleted.

We're here for the fun!